Staffing & Rentals

Audiovisual Technical Staffing

There are a number of scenarios in which McCann’s audiovisual specialists can meet your staffing needs. If you have an existing audiovisual department and key personnel are unavailable for a presentation, call us.  When your staff needs tech assistance for a major presentation, we can be there.  Perhaps you’re staging a trade or consumer event, in or out of town, and want to be sure all equipment is setup on time and operates flawlessly, we will handle it.  Utilizing our design build experience and in-house, certified technicians, McCann is the answer to your technical staffing needs.

Audiovisual Equipment Rental

Leveraging our broad design build experience as a foundation, McCann Systems offers a wide array of the latest audio visual equipment for rental. With our own delivery team ensuring that the equipment arrives on time and in perfect operating condition, we are able to provide LED projectors, video conferencing systems, flat panels, audio components, or any other audio visual equipment or system with the confidence that your audiovisual rental equipment will be the least of your worries.  Should you need a special audio visual system designed, our in-house design group can create virtually any arrangement for your venue.

Rental Support Services

If you need additional services, McCann Systems can provide technical staffing to accompany your rental. Depending on your needs, our specialists will arrive well before your event to prepare the space, evaluate power and attend to other essentials. They will setup the systems and when necessary train your employees on the equipment. If you like, we can supply staffing for either on-site or off- site venues. And if a short term rental turns into a long term need, we work with you to accomplish your goals.