Audiovisual Design And Engineering

The first of our three pillars of service that we offer our clients, Design and Engineering is a crucial first step in the project process. We asses the space and create a needs analysis, leveraging our full service audiovisual consulting staff. We generate conceptual renderings, construction documents, all the to as-builts completely cover every bit of documentation for your technology project. We work closely with all stakeholders throughout the process, including IT Managers, AV Specialists, and Facilities Operations staff that rely on McCann’s industry-leading audiovisual integration.

Our design and engineering teams provide clients with the information and technology capabilities that help their business.

Creating the Bid Package

When corporate policy requires a bid process, we will generate a carefully considered equipment list and a real world budget. Our in-house audiovisual systems engineering, design, and drafting specialists will develop all construction drawings and documentation. The package will be complete and ready to be put out for bid.


Why We Excel

Totally immersed in end-to-end audiovisual system design and implementation, we know what’s feasible and what’s not. With our finger on the pulse of technology, we are always kept ahead of the curve on the latest developments in equipment and practices.  This, coupled with over two decades of experience, allows us to provide an AV system design which not only suits your present needs, but future expansion as well.


A Word About Independence

As independent audiovisual design consultants, we are free to specify the equipment best suited to your project. We are not allied with any single manufacturer or brand. Dedicated solely to client needs, you will always get the equipment recommendation that is best for your project.

Additional Thoughts

New Installation

Moving to a new facility and need a campus-wide unified communications solution? Allow McCann Systems to walk you through the project from design to final commissioning and training of your staff. We will design a powerful and reliable communications system that meets the current needs and allows for additional growth. We are the single-source audiovisual solution for digital lobby signage, custom displays, conference systems, theaters, training centers, and experiential installations.


Your conferencing and corporate communication needs aren’t keeping up with the pace. Our audiovisual installation engineers will assess your needs and present various solutions to those needs that allow for a perfect fit while being able to expand with your company. The right solution is the solution that grows with the company.

Reliability Issues

Your unified communication services are slow and unreliable, causing down time and loss of work. Conference connections are faulty and drop off, or and or your audio is delayed and distorted. These problems can end up influencing clients decisions and your company reputation. Don’t let outdated technology direct your business, update your companies unified communications services and experience a new level of corporate communication.