How McCann AV Support Technicians Keep Sportsbooks Running Smoothly

A sportsbook installation installed and supported by McCann Systems AV technicians in New Jersey featuring a large video wall and plush theater-style seating.

The popularity of sportsbooks in New Jersey, Las Vegas, and across the country has surged, driven by the thrill of live sports, the camaraderie among fans, and the advent of immersive technology. At the heart of this excitement are high-resolution video walls and advanced AV systems designed to bring every play into vivid detail, making patrons feel like they’re part of the action. Behind the 24/7 operation of these impressive installations is the critical role of the AV support technician, backed by a professional audio visual integrator like McCann. Our expertise ensures that the excitement never fades from the first tip-off to the final whistle, elevating the sportsbook experience to new heights. Let’s explore how McCann supports these critical, high-stakes operations.