A sportsbook installation installed and supported by McCann Systems AV technicians in New Jersey featuring a large video wall and plush theater-style seating.

High-Stakes Sportsbooks Need Expert, Multi-Level AV Support

The popularity of sportsbooks in New Jersey, Las Vegas, and across the country has surged, driven by the thrill of live sports, the camaraderie among fans, and the advent of immersive technology. At the heart of this excitement are high-resolution video walls and advanced AV systems designed to bring every play into vivid detail, making patrons feel like they’re part of the action. Behind the 24/7 operation of these impressive installations is the critical role of the AV support technician, backed by a professional audio visual integrator like McCann. Our expertise ensures that the excitement never fades from the first tip-off to the final whistle, elevating the sportsbook experience to new heights. Let’s explore how McCann supports these critical, high-stakes operations. 

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The Role of Remote AV Support

Sportsbooks have seen a meteoric rise in popularity, based in no small part on the cultural phenomena generated by the “big game,” be it for the NCAA, NFL, NBA, or World Cup championships. Creating and maintaining an immersive, captivating experience is essential for both wagering and entertainment. AV technicians at various levels ensure that the excitement never dims, monitoring and managing the sophisticated systems that power sportsbook operations. Remote AV support services, pivotal during peak moments like college basketball’s big tournament or the fervor of the championship games, allow for the swift resolution of any technical disruptions. By being able to monitor screens, feeds, and data points, AV technicians can make necessary adjustments or reboots remotely, ensuring the action continues uninterrupted. This blend of technology and expert support keeps the energy high and the experiences smooth, underscoring the importance of AV support in today’s sportsbook venues.

Challenges in Sportsbook AV and Technical Support

Operating a sportsbook comes with unique challenges, particularly regarding the technology that powers these dynamic environments. AV support technicians often contend with internet connectivity issues, feed disruptions, and the complex task of matrixing displays correctly. Moreover, the technology landscape is ever-evolving, meaning software and hardware can quickly require updates or replacements.

At McCann, we understand that being reactive to problems as they present themselves is part of the territory. Our team of dedicated service technicians and certified partners collaborates closely to provide comprehensive AV solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs. We focus on minimizing downtime and ensuring the excitement continues uninterrupted.

McCann Monitoring and Support Solutions

Our specialized monitoring solution is at the core of McCann Systems’ approach to ensuring successful sportsbook operations. Our Service Operations Center (SOC) is pivotal in this proactive monitoring and fixing strategy. Staffed by experienced technicians, the SOC can tap in and perform real-time testing and troubleshooting, significantly reducing ticket resolution times. This capability is not just about quick fixes; it’s about ensuring the stability and reliability of sportsbook operations, particularly during high-stakes events like major sporting tournaments.

Clients can choose the level of service that best fits their needs, from the basic ability to monitor and remote in to comprehensive onsite technical staffing. Our philosophy is clear: we don’t simply install a system and leave you to manage it. From the moment a project is completed, we’re ready to support you, ensuring your investment continues to perform at its best from day two onwards.

When Onsite Support Becomes Necessary

Despite the best efforts in remote monitoring and troubleshooting, some situations require the direct intervention of an onsite AV support technician. At McCann Systems, we’ve streamlined the process to ensure the rapid deployment of our skilled technicians to your location. Upon identifying an issue that cannot be resolved remotely, we immediately generate a service ticket and mobilize the appropriate team.

Our network of technicians, strategically located in major cities and ready to travel, allows us to offer swift onsite support across New Jersey and beyond. For example, during a high-profile event, when an LED display developed a noticeable fault, our technician was dispatched with the necessary replacement part in hand, resolving the issue before it could detract from the customer experience.