The immersive video wall at a major Atlantic City, NJ casino sportsbook.

Elevating the In-Person Sports Betting Experience

Sports have always been entertainment, but in the past several decades, collegiate and professional sports have transformed into cultural phenomena. The interest and incredible popularity of the NFL, NBA, college football, and NCAA basketball championships have created guest hospitality opportunities for operators of casinos and resorts where legal sports wagering thrives. The challenge lies in creating an environment that captivates and retains sports enthusiasts. At the forefront of this revolution is the video wall, a key element in turning sportsbooks into dynamic, immersive destinations in Atlantic City, NJ, and beyond. This blog explores how McCann Systems has leveraged LED video wall solutions to redefine fan engagement, particularly during high-stake events like the big games in professional and college football and the monthlong extravaganza of the college basketball championship tournament in March.

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Challenges in Sportsbook Engagement

Sportsbooks, particularly during major events, face the challenge of capturing and maintaining the excitement of their patrons, so the ambiance within a sportsbook is crucial. Patrons expect more than just screens showing games; they seek an immersive experience that enhances their engagement and enjoyment. High-quality audio plays a large part in this, as do fan caves and VIP semi-private areas. These spaces accentuate the high-roller entertainment feel. During events like the playoffs in professional football and the college basketball championship tournament, the stakes are high, and the atmosphere needs to match that intensity to keep bettors and fans alike engaged and entertained.

Transformative Impact of Video Walls

LED video walls have revolutionized the way sportsbooks engage with their audience. These high-resolution displays offer unparalleled clarity and vibrant colors, making every moment of the game feel larger than life. The versatility of video wall displays allows for customizable content, whether it’s live game feeds, betting odds, or promotional material, ensuring patrons are always part of the action. Features like high brightness, fine pixel pitch, and wide viewing angles create an immersive, dynamic “you are there” atmosphere, amplifying the excitement during major sporting events. Creating memorable experiences ensures that patrons return for other events. 

Case Study: The Ocean Resort Casino

The Ocean Resort Casino in Atlantic City is a prime example of how LED video walls can enhance a sportsbook’s environment. McCann Systems’ installation of an LED video wall at this venue transformed it into a dynamic and engaging space. The video wall’s high-definition visuals and the ability to display multiple games simultaneously created an unparalleled viewing experience for patrons. This installation was so successful that it led to further collaboration with the casino for a refresh project. This upgrade included repositioning the original bar to the heart of the book and meticulously relocating the ticker for greater prominence. In addition to the massive video wall, the west wall saw the addition of 85″ displays, while 65″ screens now adorn a new kiosk betting area, augmenting the visual experience. A new 17-foot open-air staircase leads to the Balcony Bar, offering an elevated VIP sportsbook experience. The project also involved upgrading the head end with streaming PCs, new video processing, and routing hardware, greatly expanding capacity for future growth. The renewed space has reopened to excellent reviews, showcasing the power of thoughtful AV integration in enhancing sportsbook environments. In fact, the Gallery Bar, Book, and Games has become a central attraction at Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, NJ. The 12,000 square-foot venue is undoubtedly highlighted by McCann’s 140 feet of LED video wall and hospitality perks like 24-hour food and beverage service- further enhancing sportsbetters’ overall entertainment value and underscoring the importance of smart architecture blended with audiovisual technology.

As the market for sports betting expands with more states legalizing it, there’s a growing opportunity for sportsbook and casino operators to create captivating venues. With the industry evolving weekly and state by state, there’s a clear opportunity for venues to stand out and attract a larger clientele by investing in immersive and engaging technological solutions like video walls. These advancements not only cater to the current market but also pave the way for future growth and development in the world of sports betting.

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