McCann recently worked with DraftKings to open a stunning sportsbook in historic Wrigley Field. The sportsbook features state-of-the-art audiovisual integration in Chicago, including an enormous dual-curved LED videowall- the biggest in the Midwest. With a width of 135 feet and a height of 15 feet (taller than the ivy-covered home run fence!), the signature multi-radius LED videowall captures every viewer’s attention from any spot in the sportsbook.

The videowall is more than just a display tool. It’s an experience. With a pixel pitch of 2.5mm and a total pixel count of over 29 million, every game, live odds, or input displayed on this screen is visually astounding. The LED can reach a max brightness of 800 nits, making every image appear vivid and colorful. Even from a distance, its 170-degree viewing angle, the LED ticker surrounding the space, and dozens of 65″ displays ensure that everyone has a front-row experience, no matter where they are seated.

This project’s success is a testament to McCann Systems’ capabilities in audiovisual integration. McCann meticulously planned and executed every detail, ensuring that the sportsbook would become a significant entertainment attraction at Wrigley Field. The project team at McCanns’ expertise in audiovisual technology and sportsbook design is evident in the flawless installation of the videowall, LED ticker, dozens of commercial displays, and crisp audio.

In juxtaposing the romantic architecture of Wrigley and the newest AV technology, the sportsbook McCann Systems and DraftKings designed provides more than just a place for Chicago sportsbetting. It offers a unique, immersive experience that takes sports viewing to another level. The space includes two floors of complete hospitality, food and beverage, betting kiosks, and VIP nooks. Smartly designed audiovisual integration creates an electric, dynamic, and captivating atmosphere, making the DraftKings sportsbook at Wrigley Field a destination for sports fans.