This pharmaceutical company serves over 100 million Americans and tasked McCann with designing The Lab. At this future-proof research facility, this pharmacy benefit management (PBM) company can meet with clients and industry leaders to re-imagine what’s possible and solve the toughest challenges in the healthcare system.

A highlight is the UX Lab, a circular room with 55” transparent OLED touchscreens and 21 feet of curved LED blades that slide on a custom track, changing the architecture of the room and using walls as digital canvasses. Each 12’ tall curved blade is custom-made and features AmFlex Pro tiles from Design LED. These combine to produce a high-resolution display at 1.9mm of pixel pitch.

The Lab is part of a campus-wide unified communications and collaboration integration completed by McCann Systems. The entire Saint Louis, MO, headquarters is now optimized with audiovisual technology, available through a single user interface to improve connectivity and productivity.