Union County College in Elizabeth, NJ, has embraced a campus-wide audiovisual upgrade through integration by McCann. The campus now boasts a technologically advanced environment, with notable highlights including the Campus Center Student Commons, the College Theatre, 60 new classrooms, and more than 100 conference, meeting, study, and huddle rooms.

The Student Commons has two impressive 16-foot wide Absen LED displays on its perimeter and a 98″ Samsung LED display in the main gathering area. These dynamic screens communicate events and provide digital wayfinding, enhancing the student experience. In the College Theatre, McCann Systems implemented Renkus-Heinz line array speakers and Biamp audio systems, resulting in an immersive audio overhaul that elevates collegiate theatrical performances and events.

Over sixty classrooms received a technology upgrade with Cisco Room kits, 65″ Commercial Displays from LG, and other educational advancements like Wacom tablets. This integration ensures that Union County College remains at the forefront of educational technology, fostering an environment that enhances learning and collaboration