McCann Systems’ audiovisual integration at the St. Louis Kaplan Feldman Holocaust Memorial Museum is a remarkable testament to our expertise in creating immersive and educational experiences through technology. This installation seamlessly blends advanced audiovisual solutions with the museum’s mission of preserving Holocaust history and promoting tolerance.

Standout AV features include the use of interactive touchscreens and gesture recognition technology. Visitors can access in-depth information, testimonials, and historical documents with intuitive hand gestures, providing a profoundly immersive and educational experience.

McCann Systems has also implemented advanced lighting control systems to create an atmosphere that complements the exhibits, evoking the emotional intensity of the Holocaust era. Each exhibit’s audio and video systems integration ensures that each visitor is fully immersed in the narrative, fostering a profound connection with the museum’s mission.

As museum guests travel through the early timeline of Antisemitism, directional audio and edge-blended 4k projectors help paint a painfully clear picture of the rise of Nazism. Theaters with DMX lighting interfaces, short-throw projectors, and focused speakers help explain the power dynamics leading to WWII. As they traverse the immersive walkways, guests eventually arrive at the oral histories of local survivors on direct-lit LED displays. Interactive touch monitors show users they can choose how history unfolds as they leave this powerful museum.