Nurturing Talent, Expanding Reach, and Empowering Communities

With projects like the Wrigley Field DraftKings sportsbook in Chicago, McCann Systems has stood out as a premier commercial AV integrator. But beyond completing exceptional projects for clients all over the country, as an organization, we are guided by our core principles—Care, Challenge, and Create. Care is about looking after every partnership with employees, clients, and the communities where we work and serve. This principle has guided our business strategies, community involvement, and team development. Looking back at 2023, we’re proud to share how we’ve embodied Care in every facet of our operations, fostering growth, community involvement, and technical excellence.

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Team Development and Skill Enhancement

This year has been marked by significant promotions and strategic additions to our team, reinforcing our commitment to continual development and bringing new skills to serve our clients better. Ben Slattery, a key member of our team, stepped into the role of Director of Sales, bringing his innovative solutions and client-focused approach to the forefront. Marc LaPierre’s promotion to Director of Operations in Boston reflects our dedication to internal growth and leadership development.

We also welcomed new talents and seasoned professionals Jim Anderson in Connecticut as well as Donald Edgecomb and Zach Hartling in Boston, expanding our expertise and enhancing our service capabilities. Each addition and promotion within our team is a step towards refining our skill set and deepening our understanding of the evolving needs of our clients as commercial AV integrators.

Continued Expansion

2022-2023 also marked a significant milestone in our national expansion with the establishment of our new office in Buffalo, New York. This strategic move extends our footprint and aligns with our mission to offer a national presence with local expertise. Our expansion to Buffalo is a testament to our growth strategy, which is focused on bringing in skilled professionals to maintain the high level of service our clients expect. This expansion allows us to better meet the growing demands of our client base, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of AV integration, no matter where our clients are located.

Giving Back to the Community

At McCann Systems, we believe in giving back to the community as much as we thrive in business. Our STEM Scholarship program is a prime example, encouraging the next generation to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This initiative reflects our commitment to nurturing future talents and supporting educational endeavors.

Furthermore, we’re proud of our sponsorship of charitable events for esteemed organizations like Boston Children’s Hospital, Hartford Healthcare, and St. Jude’s Hospital. These contributions are not just donations; they’re a part of our ethos to make a positive impact beyond the realms of AV integration. Regarding the Boston Children’s Hospital events, Luke French, Technical Director with McCann, said, “McCann is always excited to see the passion that the Boston Children’s team has for their cause. Seeing that dedication on a grand scale along with patients, donors, staff and vendors was incredibly special. We are fortunate to have been a part of this event.”

As we look ahead to 2024, our commitment to the Care principle remains steadfast. Whether it’s through nurturing our team’s growth, expanding our reach, or giving back to the community, we at McCann Systems are dedicated to making a difference. Our journey in 2023 has been a true embodiment of what we stand for—a commitment to excellence, community, and continuous improvement. Want to learn more about McCann Systems? Click the live chat below, call, or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!