A wall of screens in a Berkely digital classroom.

Hybrid Solutions from McCann make In-Person and Virtual Learning more Equitable

Imagine an educational environment where each student is granted a front-row seat to knowledge—an environment made possible by the innovative concept of the interactive classroom. McCann Systems stands at the forefront of this educational revolution, integrating technology to create equitable learning experiences whether students are physically present or joining virtually. Across the nation’s top universities, these advanced AV solutions are redefining what it means to learn and engage, reshaping higher education from coast to coast, including St. Louis, MO. 

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HBX at the Harvard Business School

Harvard’s HBX Live Virtual Classroom, designed and integrated by McCann Systems, is a marvel of educational technology. It boasts a high-resolution video wall that allows up to sixty participants to engage simultaneously. Each student benefits from a unique student-to-professor video feed, emulating the natural conversational flow of a traditional classroom. Multiple in-studio cameras capture high-definition views, offering panoramic angles and a dynamic representation of the learning space. This technical orchestration ensures an immersive experience where distance is no longer a barrier to interactive education.

Berkeley’s Interactive Evolution

The University of California Berkeley’s Executive Education team turned to McCann Systems to rejuvenate the classroom’s central figure: the professor. With the Proscenium system, large student groups can reconnect with educators and each other, bridging the gap between virtual and physical with 55″ displays, Extron soundbars, and Logitech cameras. These rooms, customized for Berkeley’s architectural heritage, are not just spaces; they’re canvases for knowledge.

Proscenium Collaborative Studio

Based in Atlanta, the Proscenium Collaborative Studio is a model for interactive learning environments that are scalable and adaptable to any higher education institution. With a foundation built on security, engagement, and flexibility, Proscenium equips educators nationwide to deliver content that resonates and inspires, no matter the distance. Proscenium’s modular design, accommodating groups as small as 12 to as large as 128, ensures that whether it’s for a virtual classroom or distance learning, the experience remains intimate and interactive. 

A decade in the making, the Proscenium Studio has benefited from the lessons of projects like the HBX Live Virtual Classroom and The Coca-Cola U Digital Classroom. Key advancements and refinements include dedicated perspective video and audio feeds for every participant, securing robust partners capable of large-scale deployments, and incorporating polling, hand-raising, and session analytics into the user interface.

Success Stories That Inspire

Harvard’s experiment with HBX Live and Berkeley’s foray into virtual learning with Proscenium are more than case studies—they are blueprints for success that any educational institution can emulate. These narratives showcase the tangible impact of interactive classrooms, where the laughter of students and the wisdom of educators coalesce into a symphony of learning.

The interactive classroom is more than a concept; it’s a reality taking root across the country with solutions like Proscenium. By leveraging technology that transcends the traditional classroom walls, institutions are charting a course for a brighter, more inclusive future in education. Want to move your educational environments into the future? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form at the bottom of the page. We look forward to hearing from you!