A photo of Angelique and her family.

5 Questions with Angelique Burke, Enterprise Client Care Manager

McCann’s core principles are Care, Challenge, and Create, and it takes the industry’s most talented team to implement these continuously. More than events and benefits, genuinely caring about each other means valuing and empowering team members in and out of the workplace. We sat down with Angelique Burke, one of our star team members who takes pride in her role at McCann. We asked Angelique to reflect on her time at McCann, her job and experience in the commercial AV industry, and what she appreciates working at McCann Systems.

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Question 1: What’s your role at McCann Systems?

My official title is Enterprise Client Care Manager, but I refer to myself as a jack of all trades and work in many different areas, supporting many different departments, including sales. I specialize in contracts and bids for clients and execute various other work in the background on the corporate end.

Question 2: You have a family and are busy outside work. How does McCann allow you to balance all your responsibilities?

McCann allows me to perform my role successfully and provide value and input to the company, but it still allows me to be out of the office to attend to my family and personal goals. Whether my kids are involved in important performances, recital competitions, or a field hockey or lacrosse game, I can prioritize my family when needed, which is encouraged.

Question 3: Can you work remotely whenever possible?

Yes, I am fortunate enough to do my job remotely most of the time. We’re all accessible via Microsoft Teams or Zoom to communicate and collaborate. Of course, other jobs at the company have less remote flexibility, especially when installing systems on a client site. While I interface with clients and attend in-person meetings, I do have the freedom to work remotely when needed.

Question 4: Does having the flexibility to tend to family have a trade-off, like impeding your advancement at a company?

I’ve been fortunate to be in this industry for 27 years and have had great mentors who have helped me grow and encouraged me along the way. Taking time with family has not held me back and is incredibly important, and my knowledge, ideas, and opinions are valued and celebrated at McCann.

Question 5: Are there any other ways McCann has supported you that you might want to share?

Yes. The company has supported me greatly in my work with AVIXA (Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association); I’m on the Women’s Council Events Committee and Local Group Support Committee along with our local Connecticut group. McCann has supported me in earning certifications, taking classes, and acquiring new skills over the years.

At McCann, we believe in creating a team where everyone can thrive, do interesting and fulfilling work, push the envelope in AV solutions, and enjoy work-life balance. McCann will also be at InfoComm in Las Vegas, the largest AV trade show in the country, with many team members, partners, and clients. We’d love to connect with you on the show floor if you plan to attend.

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