The 150 Riverside Lobby features a digital art installation by McCann Systems with innovative LED video panels.

The Happy Collision of the Worlds of Art and Technology 

Throughout the course of human history, technology has always shaped the mediums of expression. The tools and materials of the artist have evolved, from the rudimentary natural pigments used by prehistoric artists in cave paintings to the oil-based paints and canvases developed in the Renaissance era. The invention of film for photography and its evolution to digital capture further enhanced the tools at the creators’ disposal, allowing artists to push their creative boundaries and explore innovative ways of expressing their ideas. In recent years, one such technology has been significantly impacting the world of art—LED video technology. LED technology is reshaping experiences everywhere, from public digital art installations in Chicago to zoos in New Jersey. Let’s explore some innovative projects where McCann has provided the digital technology canvas for artists to create engaging, memorable experiences. 

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Project Spotlight: The Linq Hotel, Las Vegas

The Linq Hotel + Experience, part of Caesars Entertainment’s portfolio, transformed one of the oldest buildings in Las Vegas into a futuristic entertainment hub. The challenge: to take an older building not designed in the latest era of Vegas grandeur and turn it into a fun, immersive experience aimed at a younger, tech-savvy demographic. McCann Systems stepped in to help realize this vision, using modular LED video wall technology to shape the atmosphere at a scale that hadn’t been done before.

In partnership with Unilumin, a leading LED solution provider, McCann Systems designed unique geometries that transcended traditional wall-mounted displays. The installation included large outdoor marquees that invite visitors inside and an immersive LED tunnel at the Southwest entrance. This tunnel extends up the walls and across the ceiling, creating a mesmerizing experience from the moment guests step in.

Inside, the casino floors were transformed with 3D ceiling features and feature interactive artwork by Refik Anadol. Refik uses data-driven machine learning algorithms that create abstract, colorful environments. The LED displays also respond to casino activities, celebrating with patrons when jackpots are won, and altering the ambiance to enhance the overall experience. This integration of art and technology guides visitors through the property and creates a space alive with movement and interaction, encouraging guests to explore every corner. The project showcases how LED video technology makes almost any surface a canvas, creating dynamic ways of engaging guests with light, interactive artwork, three-dimensional experiences, virtual reality displays, and much more. 

Project Spotlight: 150 Media Stream, Chicago

Located in the lobby of Riverside Development’s architecture, the 150 Media Stream project in Chicago shows how the combination of art and technology can redefine a public space. This initiative was designed to balance the building’s bold architectural features with a soft, inviting atmosphere, achieved through a very innovative application of modular LED video wall technology.

McCann Systems collaborated with artists to create a different kind of display that went well beyond stitching together massive modular video walls. The displays are “blades” of various heights which required custom milling and extruding of aluminum for the enclosures. As these are non-standard displays, McCann designed every component, from the PCB boards to the mounting plates. The result is a dynamic visual array that stretches an impressive 127.5 feet in length.

The LED blades, ranging from three to fifteen inches wide and six to twenty feet tall, are not just a display but an interactive canvas. They showcase a mix of Chicago’s cultural themes and local artists playing back content at ultra-high resolutions—equivalent to four 4K images lined up horizontally. While the installation is a feat of engineering and design, the real benefit is how it enables new ways of experiencing artistic expression, creating a vibrant cultural addition to the architectural landscape of Chicago.

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