A modern day architectural phenomenon, the site known as 150 North Riverside is one of Chicago’s most sought after corporate addresses. Located in Chicago’s West Loop, the massive riverfront tower enhances the historic skyline then funnels down to the site’s very compact footprint, utilizing the air rights over adjacent train tracks. A lofty glass-enclosed lobby provides open space for 150 Media Stream, a digital art installation unlike anything in the United States.

150 Media Stream is an international platform and public arts program designed to showcase curated media by world-renowned and emerging artists. The custom designed 3,000+ square foot LED display is Chicago’s largest videowall, and provides exciting and future-forward exhibition opportunities for artists.

150 Media Stream: Behind the Scenes with McCann Systems

Commissioned by Riverside and curated by Creative Director Yuge Zhou, 150 Media Stream’s display concept and physical structure were designed by McCann Systems. McCann also executed the fabrication and integration processes for the eighty-nine specially commissioned blades covered in 3mm LED to create the mammoth canvas. The staggered design of the installation features individual columns ranging in height, from 6.5 to 20.5 feet tall, as well as width, from 3.25 to 15 inches wide. These custom blades were manufactured exclusively for this installation design and are not found anywhere else on the globe.

Utilizing tight-pitch LED technology at 150 Media Stream provides participating artists with the most accurate and true to life reproduction of their artistic visions. Pixel density as well as the ability to reproduce over 3 trillion colors flawlessly recreates creative content. An ultra-wide viewing angle ensures perfect vantage points without distortion from any approach in the lobby. The brilliance of LED is pivotal in this space with environmental and ambient light streaming through building’s west wall: over 90 feet of crystal clear glass above the linear structure.

The art installation spans across more than 150 feet of the lobby, including the virtual canvas, or negative space between each blade. This positioning allows viewers to appreciate the backdrop of the cityscape through the building’s sky-high glass façade. Vibrant content combined with this purposeful negative space attracts tenants and invites them to engage with a cross section of the arts and cultural community.

Content is easily managed by the end user via dedicated PC loaded with specialized software. The intuitive interface provides simplified drag and drop control for scheduling media and drives the colossal display with uncompressed video playback.

The entire system is effortlessly operated by an independent master controller, supporting screen configuration even without a computer. Pixel-by-pixel calibration technology makes adjustments fast and efficient, ensuring maximum uptime for this high-profile display.




150 Media Stream commissioned and curated by:
Riverside Investment & Development

Display concept and physical structure by:
McCann Systems in cooperation with Digital Kitchen

Creative content partnership with:

150 N Riverside Plaza lobby and building design by:
Goettsch Partners

Identity and graphic design by:
The Narrative: branding & design


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