A Conversation with Evan Rose and Jon Rose

Navigating the complexities of virtual event management requires precision, expertise, and a proactive approach. At McCann Systems, we specialize in elevating ordinary online gatherings into professionally managed, compelling digital experiences, whether locally in New Jersey, throughout the US, or globally. This blog features insights from our own Evan Rose (Senior Service Technician) and Jonathan Rose (Field Service Technician, who outline the essential strategies and methods we employ to ensure each event is a standout success.

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Q&A Session: Insights into McCann Systems’ Virtual Event Management

Interviewer: Evan, could you start by outlining the initial steps in preparing for a virtual event with McCann?

Evan Rose: Absolutely. Preparation is crucial. I work with the producer and software operator, focusing on the run-of-show, which is a detailed list of presenters and their sequence. It’s about ensuring we have a structured flow that guides the event seamlessly from start to finish.

Interviewer: Jonathan, how do you ensure smooth coordination among the various teams involved?

Jonathan Rose: It’s all about communication and planning. We hold technical rehearsals to ensure everyone, from AV technicians to event planners and clients, is on the same page. This helps us address any AV needs and special requests beforehand, ensuring a cohesive event.

Interviewer: Evan, what measures do you take to ensure all audiovisual equipment is properly set up and functional?

Evan Rose: We conduct thorough pre-event testing on all equipment to prevent any technical issues during the event. It’s a standard procedure to perform these checks well in advance to ensure everything operates flawlessly.

Interviewer: Jonathan, could you expand on that, particularly on handling unforeseen technical challenges during the event?

Jonathan Rose: Sure. A full test run for troubleshooting is essential, preferably with ample time to resolve any issues we discover. This involves having each operator meticulously review their setups, from tech tables to switchers and audio systems.

Interviewer: Can both of you talk about why you may need to adapt quickly to a challenge during a virtual event?

Evan Rose: Certainly. Adaptability is key. We prioritize extensive pre-show testing and gathering accurate, comprehensive information to mitigate potential issues. 

Jonathan Rose: Communication plays a crucial role here. Integrating early feedback from sales to engineering is vital. It ensures that everyone involved, especially those on the ground during the event, is well-prepared to adapt to any situation promptly.

Interviewer: Lastly, how do you ensure you maintain a high level of client interaction and stay updated with the latest technological trends?

Evan Rose: We stay updated on all significant platform updates and enhancements, like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, which helps keep us on our toes with the latest enhancements.

Jonathan Rose: And I focus on continuous training and engaging with peers in professional forums. This keeps our team current on the latest techniques and best practices, which improves our efficiency and the value we bring to these virtual experiences.

At McCann Systems, our dedication to excellence in virtual event management is demonstrated through detailed preparation, thorough coordination, a talented team you can rely on, and advanced audiovisual integration. If you’re looking to elevate your virtual events beyond the ordinary, McCann Systems is your trusted partner. This June, McCann will also be at InfoComm in Las Vegas, the largest AV trade show in the country, with many team members, partners, and clients. If you plan to attend, we’d love to connect with you on the show floor.

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