Crafting Compelling Visual Narratives with Technology

An 80 x 16-foot LED video wall transformed a public lobby in St. Louis. This wasn’t just technology at work; it was a partnership. McCann Systems provided the canvas; DCBolt Productions the vision. The project underlines a truth in digital signage displays: Content drives impact. Here, in the heart of Missouri, technology and creativity merged to tell a compelling story, setting a benchmark for businesses eyeing digital signage solutions. Let’s explore how we partner with digital creators like DCBolt to provide turnkey commercial digital signage display solutions that create unique, immersive experiences.

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The Importance of Content

“Content is king” holds especially true in digital signage and LED video wall displays. Without engaging content, the finest displays fade into the background. That’s why we collaborate with creative visionaries like DCBolt, who understand both the creative and technical aspects of designing compelling digital experiences. Without engaging content and the ability to keep it fresh, a flashy video display can make a splash but quickly go unnoticed. 

Content Creation Partnerships at McCann

Our partnership with DCBolt is not typical. It’s a blend of our hardware expertise and their content creation prowess. Together, we tackle projects knowing well that a great display needs equally great content to truly shine. This partnership allows us to offer comprehensive solutions, transforming spaces into captivating experiences.

In our collaboration on this St. Louis LED video wall, McCann provided the digital canvas, while DCBolt brought the story to life. We bring DCBolt into projects for a turnkey solution for clients, from the big picture to the intricate details. This collaboration underscores our belief that the best visual environments come from an integrated approach to hardware and software. Our role goes beyond installation. By partnering with creative AV content creators like DCBolt, we create immersive environments, making spaces not just seen but felt.

What Sets DCBolt Apart?

In partnership, McCann Systems and DCBolt stand above the rest. Their strength: creating experiences that linger, crafted through sight, sound, and story. DCBolt excels where content meets imagination, making the ordinary extraordinary. They know the bounds of hardware and stretch them. Their canvas is digital; their paint, pixels. Challenges? An invitation. Together, we don’t just install; we inspire. Like the one in St. Louis, our projects are testimonies to this synergy. DCBolt’s content breathes life into our digital canvases, transforming spaces into narratives.

How Much Should You Allocate to Content? 

We advise interested clients to dedicate 30-40% of their hardware budget to content. This is not an arbitrary figure but a reflection of content’s role in the success of commercial digital signage displays. Our partnership with DCBolt underscores this, marrying hardware with storytelling. It’s a strategy that ensures investment in digital signage transcends mere expenditure, becoming an asset. In every project, consider the content not an afterthought but a core element. The content captures attention, conveys messages, and creates experiences. Budgeting with this in mind ensures your digital signage fulfills its potential.

Content Flexibility and Control

Flexibility is key to content for engaging digital displays. Our systems ensure clients can update their content to keep it fresh and relevant. This adaptability is crucial for responding to seasonal changes, special promotions, social media updates, and other changes. 

If the content needs to be updated, we work in tandem with DCBolt to ensure clients have an easy interface to change and update content. It’s built into the system from the start, and we work to hide the complexity of the display system so that maintaining it is simplified. We can integrate with client content management systems or provide custom interfaces for updates. This flexibility extends the life and effectiveness of each installation, making digital signage a dynamic tool for engagement.

Work with a partner who understands the importance of coordination between hardware and content for digital signage displays. McCann Systems can deliver turnkey systems for all your communication and experiential display projects. Click the live chat below, call, or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!