McCann Systems was called upon in early 2019 to stretch their existing project with Caesars at The Linq, “The Book”, into a completely new casino gaming and hospitality experience. That experience has now opened, and is gathering rave reviews as the Casino of the Future and the most immersive AV environment in Las Vegas.

The Linq Hotel + Experience connects the north and south entrance of The Linq via multiple corridors surrounded by and augmented with audiovisual experiences. At one end of the all new way of hospitality wayfinding sits “The Book, the Sportsbook the McCann Systems built in late 2018“, and the “Re:Match bar“, complete with a tricked-out and interactive DJ booth. At the other end is a live band, playing the same tunes that you’ll find the bar rocking out to.

DATALAND features over 160 displays and several thousand square feet of Unilumin LED in this first-of-its-kind AV system, and showcases designs by media artist Refik Anadol. This experience is titled DATALAND:LINQ, and actively collects data by measuring guests’ locations and actions, converts this data to flowing, beautiful images, and outputs onto a digital canvas for said guest to interact with.

The most sophisticated audiovisual system ever featured in a casino, the control system was built by McCann Systems to respond to certain inputs- for example, when a patron wins a jackpot, all LED in the DATALAND system plays a special feature and rains digital dollars on the players. It was very important to connect the guests’ experience via shareable experiences, whether that is with virtual reality games, the first ever holographic casino game, Fan Caves the The Book, musical experiences with a live band and DJ, or any other immersive AV experience. To learn more about how we achieved the Casino of the Future, please contact us today.

Cutting the Ribbon – the Casino of the Future