Digital Art Installations: How LED Technology Is Reshaping Public Art

The 150 Riverside Lobby features a digital art installation by McCann Systems with innovative LED video panels.

Throughout the course of human history, technology has always shaped the mediums of expression. The tools and materials of the artist have evolved, from the rudimentary natural pigments used by prehistoric artists in cave paintings to the oil-based paints and canvases developed in the Renaissance era. The invention of film for photography and its evolution to digital capture further enhanced the tools at the creators’ disposal, allowing artists to push their creative boundaries and explore innovative ways of expressing their ideas. In recent years, one such technology has been significantly impacting the world of art—LED video technology. LED technology is reshaping experiences everywhere, from public digital art installations in Chicago to zoos in New Jersey. Let’s explore some innovative projects where McCann has provided the digital technology canvas for artists to create engaging, memorable experiences.