Creating Engaging Experiences with Virtual Event Production

A production set managed by McCann Systems for a virtual event in New Jersey.

In today’s digital world, the ability to connect and captivate virtually is vital in today’s hybrid work environment. From corporate seminars in New Jersey to international conferences, our expert virtual event production team leverages audiovisual technology to bring your events to life. Discover how our services can help your organization’s events become meaningful and equitable for on-site and remote attendees.

The Future of Events Is Virtual: How to Harness Live Streaming 

A theater with a virtual event production system in an AV room.

Imagine an organization in St. Louis that hosts a yearly conference with seminars led by famous thought leaders and authors. Normally, only people in the St. Louis, MO, area could attend. But if that organization had access to virtual event production solutions, people around the world could be part of the experience. 

The rise of virtual event production presents opportunities for us to connect in real time with audiences globally. But the challenge remains: ensuring top-tier video and audio quality for a seamless virtual experience. As a leading audio-visual integrator, we’re at the forefront of these cutting-edge live event solutions, making it easier for you to host immersive, high-quality virtual seminars. 

Here’s how your business or event space can make the most of virtual events to bring more people together.