Las Vegas, NV Audiovisual Services

In Las Vegas, where the vibrant lights of entertainment never fade, McCann is cemented as the leader in creating immersive, experiential AV solutions for sportsbooks, casinos, and hospitality clients. Located blocks from Las Vegas Boulevard, our Nevada office helps keep the Strip's LED walls shining brightly.

Stunning Experiential AV Solutions from McCann Enhance Vegas Entertainment

Our portfolio boasts a collaboration with dozens of Las Vegas sportsbooks and casinos, including prestigious Caesars properties and the DraftKings Headquarters. These continued partnerships are a testament to our ability to deliver high-stakes, high-impact casino AV solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of the world’s entertainment capital.

Beyond the glitz of Las Vegas, our reach extends along the entire West Coast, bringing innovation and reliability to audiovisual projects. Reno, NV, has also benefited from our tailored casino AV solutions, enhancing gaming and entertainment experiences for a diverse hospitality clientele. Our proficiency in audiovisual integration for casinos and custom content creation allows us to create unique and memorable experiences in each venue that contribute to the allure and excitement, defining casino entertainment.

At McCann, we understand that there is no room for anything less than extraordinary in a city known for its spectacular shows and events. Our industry experts create environments in Las Vegas and beyond that captivate and engage, whether through the dazzling LED video displays and audiovisual integration for casinos or the adrenaline-pumping score updates in a sportsbook LED ticker.

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