Wallingford, Connecticut – April 10, 2024

McCann Systems, a renowned commercial audiovisual integrator, is proud to announce the results of its highly anticipated annual STEM Scholarship competition. This year, in recognition of the exceptional pool of applicants, McCann expanded the field to three winners, each receiving substantial awards toward their higher education. Entrants were required to write an essay about how Artificial Intelligence may impact their future careers and how they will ensure their skills remain competitive.

Kaitlyn Harrington, a standout student from Villanova University, secured the top honors and a $1500 scholarship. A dedicated Computer Science major with plans to double major in Creative Writing, she impressed the scholarship committee with her academic achievements and commitment to innovation. She is a black belt in Karate and will use this summer to teach younger students how to code. Kaitlyn embodies the spirit of excellence and determination that McCann seeks to support in STEM scholars.

Tied for second place and each receiving a $1000 scholarship are Eric Sisson from Mississippi State University and Catherine Xiang from Stanford University. Eric, an aspiring Electrical Engineering student, also works with power transmission substations and explores emerging crypto, blockchain, and AI technologies. Catherine, who is pursuing a Bachelor of Science and soon a master’s in Mechanical Engineering, is dedicated to her studies and international work experiences through projects such as autonomous public transport systems in Hong Kong.

Expressing gratitude for the scholarship opportunity, Kaitlyn remarked, “Nice to meet the other two winners- between us, we represent three pillars of where computers and technology will go in the future.” Eric echoed her sentiments, stating, “Choosing us is incredible, and sitting here with two other amazing students is just truly such an honor.” Catherine added, “Nice to meet the other candidates, and thank you, McCann Systems, for sponsoring the scholarship. It means a lot to STEM students who can use this to further their education.”

Matt Wilson, Director of Marketing at McCann, admired the scholarship recipients and the broader pool of applicants. “These three are just so impressive, and so was the entire field of entrants. It is our pleasure to give back annually,” Wilson remarked. “It’s fun and refreshing to see the energy coming to the industry, audiovisual or otherwise. Getting them to network, too— these three winners might soon be sitting in a lab or boardroom, solving complex problems.”

McCann Systems remains committed to supporting and empowering the next generation of STEM leaders, and the annual STEM Scholarship reflects this continued dedication. For more information about McCann Systems and its other initiatives, please visit mccannsystems.com.

About McCann:

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