AV Design & Engineering Services 

Design and engineering are crucial first steps in any commercial audiovisual installation, from unified communication systems to immersive video walls. See how our AV consulting staff works closely with project stakeholders to help set the stage for successful project installation. 

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Immediately Start the Project in the Right Direction 

McCann provides comprehensive consulting, design, and engineering services for your commercial audiovisual project. Our consulting staff evaluates your space, drafts a needs analysis, and engages the correct team members. We can generate conceptual renderings, signal flow diagrams, drawing packages, and construction documents for your AV system using the latest design software. We collaborate with your IT managers, AV specialists, and facilities operational staff to meet your technology expectations.

Lean on McCann’s Expert Design Team

Why partner with one contractor for design services, another for installation, a third for programming, and more for AV service? At McCann, we provide all practical solutions from start to finish and beyond, simplifying processes and ensuring the outcome perfectly aligns with initial plans. Early in the project scope, the McCann team knows your technology goals and how the audiovisual system will operate.

Audiovisual Bid Packages 

When corporate policies require a bid process, we develop a thorough project scope that outlines specific AV equipment, services, and deliverables. Comparing competitive bids promotes transparency, helping you secure the best vendor for the project. Our AV bid packages refer to industry standards, building codes, and best practices to meet the highest performance expectations. If your project involves multiple stakeholders, our AV consulting services provide smoother coordination and communication between all parties. 

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Latest Technology & Trends 

As commercial audiovisual experts, we understand what is and isn't feasible within a project scope or budget. We always explore the latest technological trends and developments and regularly attend industry events to stay ahead- but we understand practical limitations. Our forward-thinking nature allows us to future-proof systems to adapt as standards change. Coupled with our decades of experience, our team provides AV system design that suits your present and future needs. 

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Creating Value with Responsible AV Equipment Selections

As independent audiovisual design integrators, our primary commitment is to your project's unique needs, free from any ties to specific manufacturers or brands. This design independence allows us to select the most suitable equipment tailored to your project, ensuring optimal performance and integration. Our dedication to serving only client interests means you receive recommendations that best fit your project's requirements and goals.

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Ask Us About AV System Design Services

Ready to start designing your next AV project? We provide professional audiovisual design and engineering services to companies around the world. Contact us below, and we'll get in touch soon.