AV Project Management: Communication and Execution

McCann Systems works closely with your designers, architects, and builders to expertly bring your audiovisual concept to life. Your dedicated project manager ensures smooth progress and continuous communication from the initial assessment to the on-time, on-budget installation of your commercial AV installation.

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The Power of Audiovisual Project Coordination

Following the conceptual design stage, your project will be in the hands of an experienced project manager committed to your complete satisfaction. They will be well-versed in every detail of your project, including budgeting, timeline, resource allocation, and more, allowing them to successfully oversee your audiovisual project from its initial concept to its completion. We meet all your expectations regarding functionality, aesthetics, and project delivery. Regular updates and open communication with your team mean your custom audiovisual solutions perform as you envisioned.

Successful AV Projects Have Clear Goals

McCann's project management team handles all aspects of planning and execution to bring your project online quickly and effectively. While every audiovisual project is a unique deployment, each requires similar essential steps to remain well-organized and successful.

Project Planning & Communication in Every Project

Our project planning phase involves identifying and clearly outlining the scope of work, objectives, and expected deliverables. It's about creating meticulous plans that map out the project's timeline, necessary resources, and budget allocations. In this process, we prioritize an open and effective line of communication with all stakeholders, from clients to vendors. Confirming everyone is on the same page allows for productivity and the swift resolution of potential issues.

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Monitoring & Quality Assurance

We keep your project on schedule by continuously monitoring progress against the initial project plan. As the project progresses, we track and make any necessary adjustments to address any deviations or challenges that emerge, maintaining the integrity of the overall build. This proactive approach helps us guarantee that both the quality of the installation and its functionality consistently meet or exceed the established standards and your specific requirements through every stage of the project. We seek to uphold the highest level of excellence through detailed testing and adjustments, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

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Resource Management & Implementation to Reach Your Goals

Resource management is essential for the success of any audiovisual installation, emphasizing the strategic allocation of human and material resources. This ensures that every project is well-equipped with the necessary expertise and the right AV equipment required for flawless execution. After these resources are in place, the next step is the diligent installation of AV systems. This phase adheres to the design specifications and industry standards to make certain optimal performance and reliability.

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