Implementing Your Commercial Audiovisual System

At McCann Systems, we have a team of industry-certified installation and implementation specialists ready to utilize their extensive industry expertise. Each McCann Systems project installation reaches the highest quality standards and exceeds your expectations.

A man in a hard hat examining blueprints on a construction site.

What A Professional AV Installation Looks Like

Leave your audiovisual installation in the hands of the experts- our specialists achieve the highest quality and functionality standards. McCann's installation team deeply understands every technical aspect of your project, from system configuration to final calibration, ensuring that each component perfectly aligns with your goals. We are committed to your audiovisual systems performing flawlessly and looking exceptional.

Professional Audiovisual Installation Services

Discover how combining creative solutions and adhering to precise standards from start to finish ensures optimal performance and integration. Explore our AV integration services and learn how we can help you maximize your technology investment.

Certified In-House Programming

Our talented programming team is involved early in a project's inception to ensure each team member knows the customer's overall design goals and what the end user should experience. We don't deliver hardware and pass the programming to another company- McCann stays with you until you are satisfied with your system's operation. We don't subcontract our programming to maintain the quality and control that our clients demand and expect.

At McCann Systems, we realize programming is more than just making AV systems light up. Understanding new industry trends and their limitations, how users may navigate UI on various devices, and anticipating what end-users expect is crucial to a user-friendly AV experience. Our in-house programming capability lets us quickly deliver customized technology solutions, cementing our reputation for excellence in audiovisual system design.

A touchscreen control panel displaying various power on/off options in front of a large video wall with many participants.

Assembly & AV Installation

Our team designs and selects reliable AV equipment that aligns perfectly with your needs and preferences. Then, in a controlled environment, we construct the racks, assemble, wire, power, and rigorously test the system. This approach minimizes potential delays and provides you with comprehensive documentation. Once on-site, our skilled AV installers precisely manage the equipment installation and system calibration. After the installation, our specialists conduct an exhaustive end-to-end system check to confirm that everything operates flawlessly and complies with manufacturer specifications.

A close-up of electronic components and wiring being assembled on a long table.

Training and Warranty

Upon final approval of the audiovisual installation, we can conduct comprehensive training for your staff. McCann assures your audiovisual systems perform perfectly by extending a full one-year warranty on parts and labor on top of the standard manufacturer's warranty. This level of coverage is a testament to our confidence in our design and build expertise, our team, and our projects from start to finish.

A man installing equipment inside a cabinet.
Two men in hard hats working on an installation from a lift inside a large space.

Connect With Our Professional AV Services Team

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