Monumental Sports, an assembly of seven DC-area sports and gaming teams, tapped McCann to bring fans a unique and memorable array of live experiences called District E

This space hosts two professional gaming teams and provides the stage for live crowds to enjoy on three large-format LED video walls, two LED column displays, and two LED tickers featuring live stats. This arena includes two locker rooms and scrimmage facilities packed with 98″ screens, 32 individual gaming stations, complete F&B offerings with 13 displays and a 2×2 video wall, and public spaces with digital canvases. 

The entire audiovisual system runs on an AV over IP platform. There are 90 individual systems sources, including digital signage, BrightSign media players, and Apple TV 4K players. McCann also integrated Caesars Sportsbook at Capital One Arena adjacent to this venue. The recently opened space has gathered rave reviews from pro gamers, the media, and the public. The entire build ties the arenas and teams together- putting E gaming in the same venue as NHL and NBA games. 

Check out this video of Monumental Sports – District E – Washington, D.C.