This financial services campus in the University area in Charlotte, NC, underwent a corporate modernization project that spans multiple buildings. McCann Systems created immersive, functional audiovisual spaces that are new to the company’s strategic facilities and forms a “center of gravity” for employees and clients in the common areas.

The newly installed LED experience is a complete hub and spoke style strategy, with digital canvases acting almost as beacons for those folks touring or even just wandering around the campus.

McCann Systems utilized new technologies to embed solutions into the existing architecture. Featuring complete and partial column wraps in the exquisite food hall with full 32:9 fine-pitch LED walls, this complex will have a leg up in attracting and retaining the best talent.

McCann Systems Corporate LED – Common Area FlyThru

One of the most critical strategies for the company and McCann Systems was ubiquity: no matter if you were in the office, at home, in your car, or the food hall, you should have a chance to do your job successfully. The installation successfully allows their employees to be where they are needed the most.

McCann Systems achieved this with several thousand square feet of fine-pitch (1.2mm) LED with a massive matrixed back-end to point any source to any piece of pixels throughout the complex-even in the Food Hall, shown in the video above.