When you’re going to be the new kid on the block in a town called Sin City you have to raise the wow factor and stand out from all the other blinking and flashing lights.

The 3.9 billion dollar Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada was poised with that very challenge, standing out from all the other casino’s and hotels along the strip. They achieved this by teaming up Digital Kitchen, for the content creation, and McCann Systems as the content management and deployment engineers, to design and install their lobby video columns.

The eight columns in first floor lobby are your first indication that The Cosmopolitan Hotel is not your ordinary Hotel. Each column consists of fourty-eight 46” LCD displays twelve per side.  The displays are behind a mirror black glass that mimics the finish of the floor and ceiling reflecting the columns images creating an infinity effect. The columns are fed content from a Watchout playback and scheduling system which in turn feeds an Evertz tiler system. This allows the content to be separated and fed to each display in the column allowing it to appear as it is wrapping around the columns.

The Watchout system gives the client the ability to save and schedule various media clips on their secure media server. The software then queries the server for the media and places it on the scheduling time line for playback. This system allows the client to upload and schedule media days in advance without having any downtime. The client can also inject live event footage or other graphics and information over top of the scheduled content giving even more flexibility to this mesmerizing video installation.

The client contols the entire system behind the scenes via an intuitive Medialan control software.