User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) can make or break the experience when interacting with technology. Successful engineers prioritize UI and UX when designing and implementing technology to have positive experiences. Without UI and UX, users can be left with a disappointing and complicated experience or process to operate their systems. 

You have undoubtedly seen the (now New York Times-owned) game Wordle on your social feeds. One of the reasons the smash hit is so popular is its UX elegance. There’s no barrier to entry, the game is responsive, and the instructions are simple.

What is the difference between UI and UX?

User interface (UI) is where people access and use technology. For example, the UI is the touchscreen on a smartphone–it’s where you access content and apps. UI should be intuitive and easy to use, so users can quickly learn and master the technology.  

User experience (UX) is the perception that a user forms when using the technology–it’s how a user feels when engaging with their desired content. The two most important considerations in creating a positive UX are understanding how a user intends to use technology and their expectations when using it. Is it easy to use, meeting or exceeding expectations? Or is it frustrating to operate, making them want to throw their tablet against a wall? A well-planned escape room is another example of a popular, in-real-life example of successful UX.

UI and UX for AV communication

How do UI and UX come into play for AV needs? One of the first things we hear from our clients is that they want technology they can use that operates like it is supposed to. Our clients expect an intuitive user interface and a positive end-user experience. 

Chadd Bailey, Senior System Programmer with McCann, says, “The touch panel is often the client’s primary interaction with a room’s design. All the complexity hides behind a simple set of choices – a custom UI tailored to a client’s branding guidelines is a great way to showcase McCann’s value.”

We know how important it is for technology to function as expected during important meetings or when hosting your customers. Our clients want technology that conveys a message or creates an experience without requiring thought or concern, achieved through our custom graphical user interfaces. We call them GUI’s [goo-eez] around the office.

Chris Ludwig, Creative Director with McCann and GUI guru, agrees with Chadd, adding, “A successful UI will allow users with varying technical knowledge to control and manipulate the system and technology to achieve the goals of the space.” He continues, “Making the UI easily navigable with clear direction and functions will build your clients’ confidence using the system, which extends to the rest of their work.”

Our in-house experts like Chadd and Chris work closely with our clients to understand their AV needs now and in the future. We oversee each step of the project, including designing, programming, and installing these innovative GUI’s. This single-source approach ensures our clients receive technology that is easy to use and performs just as they expect when they want to use it. We make this even easier for our clients with user training and exceptional customer support after installation.

Trust McCann Systems with your next project

McCann Systems has been a leader in every aspect of commercial AV solutions for over 25 years. Our in-house certified technology engineering, installation, and service technicians handle every detail of your project, delivering integrated technology with streamlined UI and UX for all your videoconferencing, interactive exhibition, and digital signage needs.  We’re decent at Wordle, too.We are committed to exceptional quality and exceeding our clients’ expectations with functionality, cost, and productivity. Click here to contact us today, and let’s chat about your upcoming project.