From the onset, this project had a tight schedule compelling us to condense what would normally take twelve weeks into six… without sacrificing quality control or technology. To succeed, our planning and programming departments worked tirelessly to create and manage a tightly administered integration schedule.

McCann started with the set designer’s vision and integrated the most up-to-the- minute technology to make it a reality. This included more than 60 flat panel monitors throughout the studio, plus two seamless, curved screens, one 8’ x 10’ and one 8’ x 12’. These were joined by two high definition, 12,000 lumen Christie projectors. To assure broadcast quality, McCann utilized fiber optic technology. All distribution for the set’s flat panel monitors was done by incorporating both high definition tuners and feeds from Fox’s house router.

Using this many screens, feeds and tuners, how do you effectively give directors the ability to manage it all? Our solution was a Crestron Control system to administer what was being displayed on the more than five dozen monitors.

McCann Systems divided the touch screen panel to mimic the number and location of the monitors on the four walls. The screen shows where the monitors are located and what is being displayed on each. One touch on the panel allows directors to switch from channel-to-channel or from TV to video as well as to control content.

Memory presets in the control panel let directors use the same set for different shows, pre-positioning cameras for diverse views. Providing optimum versatility for the directors, the Crestron also controlled real-time video feeds from a remote truck as well as from cable TV stations.

As a finishing touch, McCann specialists wrapped LED panels around a studio column for scrolling text that carries stock quotes.