The Mercy Virtual Care Center is the world’s first free-standing facility for telemedicine and is designed to tell Mercy’s extraordinary story as well as support the delivery of telehealth services. It is a place where people, processes, and technology come together to shape the future of health care.

Guests get a glimpse of the future of healthcare while learning the deep history of the organization.  A Briefing Area tells the story of the Sisters of Mercy with one 6×2 46” NEC micro-bezel videowall and two portrait mounted, touch-capable 55” NEC displays. Signage control is driven by an intuitive X2O platform, with user-friendly content management tools and dynamic, fully interactive channels.  The 6×2 videowall is fed from a 3-output X2O Player PC and controlled by the portrait mounted touch screens.

The Pioneer Wall is a contemporary translation of an anamorphic projection, a form of perspective that relies on a single viewing point.  Drawing close, at this specific vantage point, the six strategically staggered 30” by 116” 4mm LED columns resolve to create one continuous canvas.  The custom interface allows easy asset upload to the browser-based X2O portal, with the ability to control and schedule shows from any mobile, laptop, or desktop device.

The Garage is a workspace that turns meetings into true work sessions.  Oblong Mezzanine software creates an immersive workspace that spans screens, walls, and even locations.  The Garage 9×3 55” videowall is a multipurpose display with emphasis on analytic monitoring and teamwork. A custom designed interface allows content to easily and simultaneously be shared with others, and shifted from one device to another. Mezzanine software allows physicians, leaders, and colleagues to see and respond in real-time, eliminating the need for follow-up and making meetings more productive.  The space also has multiple live videostreams to bring people into work sessions from around the country and around the world.