Nickelodeon officially opened the doors to its newly expanded west coast campus – an over 200,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art, sustainable complex now home to more than 700 Nickelodeon employees and over 20 show productions.

The massive expansion reflects the brand’s style and sensibility, outfitted with art and installations to inspire and support creativity, community and a collaborative environment. In the new 88-seat screening room, employees gather to watch exclusive Nickelodeon content before public release.

A massive 26.5 foot custom projection screen is illuminated by a digital cinema projector, the only 4K DLP projection solution able to provide brilliant 3D images; the highest level of content security; the easiest adaptability, operation, and maintenance.

Viewers enjoy high contrast visuals, while operators enjoy a revolutionary screen control system which programs aspect ratio settings with ease, ensuring a perfectly masked image at any aspect ratio.

High power cinema surround speakers offer high power handling, high sensitivity, and extended bass response from the front, sides, and rear of the theater. Concealed behind the screen, the loudspeaker system is designed for maximum output, optimal coverage, and minimal distortion.

A presentation lectern offers basic control capabilities and additional source connectivity.  At the rear of the space, a more robust setup gives operators source and playback control.  With an open space design, operators and directors can easily communicate to create a flawless theater experience.