Home to the world’s preeminent entertainment brands, Viacom’s corporate headquarters in New York City’s Times Square is host to thousands of visitors each day. The digital conglomerate flaunts its technology roots with bold LED initiatives throughout the space, designed and integrated by McCann Systems.

The fast-paced, cutting-edge tenor of the brand is immediately established with dynamic custom content splashed across two larger than life 4×4 videowalls in the lobby. With sixteen 55” ultra-slim bezel LED monitors each, either matrix provides the traditional collective experience while also engineered for additional custom playback capabilities. X2O software provides each monitor the capability for individual playback or operation in a hybrid mode; some monitors providing standalone feeds and others work in tandem for larger combined imagery. A custom built PC is equipped with four NVIDIA quad video cards for these unique sync capabilities, with 8k resolution per card and full HD quality output per monitor.

Just through the elevator bank, the event space entry is a spectacular testament of LED technology versatility. Dual 4’x15’ motorized doors are completely veiled in 2.5mm Tekumi LED, functional even in transition. Each animated canvas is designed and programmed to function as two separate media displays or as one massive portrait. With over 806k pixels per door, the user can create stunning content to welcome and wow visitors to any event.

Hidden LED Doors – Viacom NYC Lobby

Within the glass-enclosed space overlooking the heart of New York City, LED blades are suspended from a track that seamlessly edges two of the perimeter walls. The six modular 4’x15’ 2.5mm indoor Tekumi LED blades can play content independently or grouped in any configuration. X2O software provides this capability to allow a unique experience for each event. Featuring over 806k pixels per blade, the result is an eye-catching and versatile illumination.

Each LED entry door and each suspended LED blade is bound in a custom glass enclosure to ensure durability during mobilization. Two layers of low-iron, tempered glass encase each blade with a thin layer of PVB between. Each door and blade is bound with a full bleed and LED from edge to edge, with zero bezel on either side which the user to link the blades together, creating one continuous image without interruption to the 2.5mm pixel pitch. The top and bottom frits are adhered to the LED cabinets using a powerful silicon adhesive with no visible hardware to distract from the space’s refined aesthetic. Custom made and imported from Switzerland, polished edges and a slight bevel on the fortified glass offer extra protection for these mounts.

Two identical 18.25mm LED curtains flank one wall of the space to complete the striking visual effect. Fully scalable, the curtains can easily be configured for a larger or smaller display with custom fittings. Using a higher pixel pitch, the curtains are designed to provide soft imagery and complementary content to its LED blade counterparts.

These high-profile installations are maintained by a McCann Systems engineer, closely monitoring system functions to ensure playback continuity.