How McCann Systems Manages Virtual Events for Success

A man and woman in an office pointing at computers.

Navigating the complexities of virtual event management requires precision, expertise, and a proactive approach. At McCann Systems, we specialize in elevating ordinary online gatherings into professionally managed, compelling digital experiences, whether locally in New Jersey, throughout the US, or globally. This blog features insights from our own Evan Rose (Senior Service Technician) and Jonathan Rose (Field Service Technician, who outline the essential strategies and methods we employ to ensure each event is a standout success.

Why Content Is King for Commercial Digital Signage Displays

A McCann systems custom digital signage display in St. Louis.

An 80 x 16-foot LED video wall transformed a public lobby in St. Louis. This wasn’t just technology at work; it was a partnership. McCann Systems provided the canvas; DCBolt Productions the vision. The project underlines a truth in digital signage displays: Content drives impact. Here, in the heart of Missouri, technology and creativity merged to tell a compelling story, setting a benchmark for businesses eyeing digital signage solutions. Let’s explore how we partner with digital creators like DCBolt to provide turnkey commercial digital signage display solutions that create unique, immersive experiences.

Creating Engaging Experiences with Virtual Event Production

A production set managed by McCann Systems for a virtual event in New Jersey.

In today’s digital world, the ability to connect and captivate virtually is vital in today’s hybrid work environment. From corporate seminars in New Jersey to international conferences, our expert virtual event production team leverages audiovisual technology to bring your events to life. Discover how our services can help your organization’s events become meaningful and equitable for on-site and remote attendees.

How McCann AV Support Technicians Keep Sportsbooks Running Smoothly

A sportsbook installation installed and supported by McCann Systems AV technicians in New Jersey featuring a large video wall and plush theater-style seating.

The popularity of sportsbooks in New Jersey, Las Vegas, and across the country has surged, driven by the thrill of live sports, the camaraderie among fans, and the advent of immersive technology. At the heart of this excitement are high-resolution video walls and advanced AV systems designed to bring every play into vivid detail, making patrons feel like they’re part of the action. Behind the 24/7 operation of these impressive installations is the critical role of the AV support technician, backed by a professional audio visual integrator like McCann. Our expertise ensures that the excitement never fades from the first tip-off to the final whistle, elevating the sportsbook experience to new heights. Let’s explore how McCann supports these critical, high-stakes operations. 

4 Keys to Effective Virtual Learning Environments in Higher Education

A curved arrangement of McCann Systems unified communications setup for virtual learning.

In 2020, there grew a pressing demand for virtual learning environments in higher education in St. Louis and nationwide. Four years on, the landscape of higher education has evolved, and distance and virtual learning are now increasingly important parts of the offerings at large and small institutions of higher learning.

Reinventing Conference Room Design for the Hybrid Work Era

A modern conference room with a long, curved white table surrounded by grey office chairs. The front wall features a large screen displaying multiple images.

While many organizations were only introduced to remote work and meetings quite recently, the reality is that video conferencing and unified communication platforms had already been in use for many years, and the technology was more than ready for prime time. After getting their chance to shine four years ago, new work models quickly evolved and the technology was forced to adapt just as fast. 

Exceptional Environments with Digital Display Walls

Digital display walls are reshaping our interaction with spaces, offering more than just content display—they create immersive experiences that engage and captivate. From enhancing corporate lobbies in New York City to revolutionizing data presentation in command centers around the country, these versatile solutions are pivotal in modern settings.

Enhancing Fan Engagement in Sportsbooks with Dynamic Video Walls

The immersive video wall at a major Atlantic City, NJ casino sportsbook.

Sports have always been entertainment, but in the past several decades, collegiate and professional sports have transformed into cultural phenomena. The interest and incredible popularity of the NFL, NBA, college football, and NCAA basketball championships have created guest hospitality opportunities for operators of casinos and resorts where legal sports wagering thrives. The challenge lies in creating an environment that captivates and retains sports enthusiasts. Read more about how McCann Systems has leveraged LED video wall solutions to redefine fan engagement.

Embracing the Care Principle: McCann Systems’ Year of Growth and Giving

McCann Systems, a top AV integrator, sponsors a fundraising event for Boston Children’s Hospital.

With projects like the Wrigley Field DraftKings sportsbook in Chicago, McCann Systems has stood out as a premier commercial AV integrator. But beyond completing exceptional projects for clients all over the country, as an organization, we are guided by our core principles—Care, Challenge, and Create. Care is about looking after every partnership with employees, clients, and the communities where we work and serve. This principle has guided our business strategies, community involvement, and team development. Looking back at 2023, we’re proud to share how we’ve embodied Care in every facet of our operations, fostering growth, community involvement, and technical excellence.