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Exploring How AI Will Change Our Business

Like many other businesses across the country, McCann Systems is spending considerable time thinking about how AI (artificial intelligence) will impact our business. Whether you are a commercial integrator like us in St. Louis or a business anywhere in the world, AI is poised to have a seismic impact on your organization, if not immediately, most certainly in the future. Naturally, unless you manage to avoid any kind of media completely, you know there’s a slew of possibilities with AI, with everyone looking to see how they can leverage it to their advantage or at least avoid being overrun by its effects. So, as a leading commercial integrator, how do we think AI will impact our business and yours? Let’s explore the topic below. 

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The Evolution of AI

Generative AI, with its interactive nature and general-purpose capabilities, is a far cry from the traditional AI systems that have been prevalent in the commercial AV sector. For example, the AI-powered cameras that frame speakers during video calls are just the tip of the iceberg of what AI can do. With platforms like ChatGPT amassing a user base in the millions within mere months, much faster than wildly popular services like Instagram, it’s evident that the potential of generative AI stretches far beyond basic tasks.

Practical Applications

For commercial integrators like McCann Systems, we see tremendous applications in our sphere that will enable us to offer new and improved services for our clients. For example, AI-powered analytics can take meeting room monitoring and management to the next level. By feeding large amounts of monitoring data into AI, we will be able to get much sharper insights into space and equipment usage and even predict where the next technical glitch might occur. AI will also provide detailed analytics that can help our clients better plan their meeting space technology requirements. 

Now consider the vast amount of data that businesses handle daily. By feeding business information into a private AI, integrators can glean insights on profitability, efficiency, and more, all by querying the generative AI system. You might think, don’t some of today’s BI (business information) systems do this? Yes, with the right structured information and programming. AI can handle unstructured data far better and connect pieces of information you might not otherwise consider connecting. 

Navigating the Challenges

As they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Integrating generative AI into business operations isn’t without its challenges. There’s the ever-present threat of inaccuracies, which means businesses must be vigilant and fact-check the insights AI provides. Moreover, as with any technology, there’s a learning curve involved, and companies must be prepared to invest time and resources to harness the full potential of generative AI.

The Future of AI: Empowering Human Ingenuity

As we gaze into the horizon of what AI promises, we must remember that at the heart of every technological advancement lies the human element. AI, in its essence, is not about replacing humans but amplifying human capabilities

In commercial integration, Generative AI serves as a catalyst for commercial integrators, amplifying their ability to refine and innovate. By analyzing vast datasets, AI provides insights professionals can harness to design solutions tailored to client needs. This continuous feedback loop ensures that products and services evolve in real time, from making on-the-fly adjustments to AV setups to proactively addressing equipment maintenance needs before they become critical.

One of the huge powers of AI lies in its ability to handle repetitive tasks with unparalleled efficiency. For the commercial integration sector, this translates to streamlined operations. Routine tasks, from inventory management to basic client queries, can be automated, allowing professionals to dedicate their expertise to strategic planning and value-added activities. This synergy between AI and human expertise ensures that while machines handle the mundane, humans focus on innovation and client engagement.

The future of AI in commercial integration is not about machines taking over but about machines and humans working in tandem. It’s about harnessing the power of AI to elevate human potential, leading to enhanced products, superior services, and a brighter future for commercial integrators and their clients. We look forward to using this technology to deliver innovative, tailored AV solutions for our clients. 

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